Hornell & Sneddon

Matthew Hornell and Andrew Sneddon will take  you on an exploration of the music they love; timeless traditional ballads, Old Time, Bluegrass, evocative original songs, and exciting instrumentals.  Although both Hornell and Sneddon were raised far from the hills and hollers of Appalachia, they come to the music honestly, both born of that same Scottish/Irish lineage and raised  in the lea of the Northernmost reaches of that ancient mountain range.


Matthew Hornell  provides the lead vocals and a driving rhythm guitar; Andrew Sneddon offers up a silvery counterpoint with his resophonic guitar and smooth tenor harmony that blends perfectly with Matthew’s rich melodious baritone and lead vocals. Despite the pair focusing mainly on traditional songs and tunes, they’re not content to live in the past musically. Yes, they treat their sources with respect, but they like to move the music forward, by way of sophisticated arrangements, and a deft telling of tales old and new.


Hornell and Sneddon create a very personal show, with off the cuff humour and interesting stories they have gathered from years of touring and performing together. After seeing just one show you will leave with a true understanding of these performers both as people and musicians. Matthew was born and bred in Newfoundland, where the directness and charm of centuries of storytelling, isn’t just an artform, it’s a lens through which the world is viewed. Hornell’s lyrics, sometimes wry and amusing, are  just as often as stark as the craggy shores of Eastern Newfoundland.  Andrew, raised in the fertile  farm country of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, brings a rural musical feel and keen melodic sense to his resophonic guitar playing. Whether accompanying a song or leading the way through traditional fiddle tunes and original instrumentals his playing is exciting and evocative.

This is a dynamic duo in the truest sense and a musical experience not to be missed.

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